Divadi is a new eco-friendly company that creates vegan shoes and spreads the philosophy of mindful living. Inspired by travels, adventures, passion and made for the soul traveler, urban explorer, style lover. As a global citizen, Divadi is designed in Austria, kissed by California sunshine, born and made in Vietnam. 

DIVADI for your feet: All the shoes are made of vegan materials and have our signature reflexology insole with a golden “flower of life” on the K1 kidney acupressure point, an area known to release stagnant or blocked energy, and increase the life force.

DIVADI for your mind: The valuable content published on the website provides you with theoretical info and practical tips on how to shape your most abundant life.

DIVADI for the planet: With each sold pair of shoes a tree is being planted in gratitude and love. In collaboration with One Tree Planted.

Starting right now, you can be a part of the caring community that has been helping to build a future for our planet by contributing to reforestation in Asia, Africa, North, and South Americas. “Di va di” means “go and go” in Vietnamese. To keep going is a message that is enveloped in each product designed with love and inspiration. It means to explore ourselves, to travel the world, to never stop going forward, evolving, learning and caring. In the unity of humans and nature the perfect harmony is born, in which we can thrive and sustain the environment that gives us life.